Pastoral Search Update #1

As discussed last Sunday, here is the first update from the PastoralSearch Team:

The team members are: Terry Stambaugh (team lead), Res Batamula, Amelia Hebert, Rick Mastroianni, Tammi McCord, Alli Milner, and Rita Platt.

We had our first meeting on Oct 31st, where we met with Dan Peterson, our Converge consultant. Dan walked us through Converge’s process that Bethany has chosen to follow in the search for our new pastor. We have met three more times since then.

We’ve reviewed the BCC constitution, which includes sections that address calling a new pastor. We have created, agreed upon, and signed a search team covenant (link below). The discussions sparked by the process of creating this agreement helped the team talk through a lot questions we had about expectations of the process and got everyone on the same page.
Currently, we are working on the first draft of our church profile – a document that describes Bethany’s demographics, culture, history, and current stance on various topics.
The next couple things you can expect to see are a survey, and engagement sessions where we will answer your questions and listen to any thoughts you’d like to share with us about the process.

The survey will go out to all members and regular attenders – if you are receiving this email, you will be receiving a survey link sometime in February.

For regular attenders who are not yet members, while we welcome your survey responses and feedback during our engagement sessions, please keep in mind that, per BCC constitution, only members will participate in the final vote during this process. If you’re interested in becoming a member, keep your eye out for membership class announcements in the future.
The team will continue to meet on Monday evenings. We look forward to hearing from all of you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the team.
Link to Pastoral Search Team covenant agreement


BCC Pastoral Search Team


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