Church Online

Bethany has started to use Church Online as a platform to join in fellowship virtually on Sunday mornings for our service live streams while we are socially distancing.  

With Church Online we can:
  • Watch the service together when it premieres at 10am
  • Enjoy fellowship with our Bethany family in online chat any time between 9:30am and 12pm
  • Have an opportunity to engage in private prayer if you have a prayer need

We're very excited about this new way to connect with one another and we hope that you enjoy it. 

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Bethany Family and Friends,

We thank you for your continued financial support for the ministry work that God has called Bethany to accomplish. God has used your giving to sustain us and allow us to continue to do what God has called us to do as a body of believers. As we strive to maintain the facility that God has blessed us with, we pray that your generous giving will continue. During the time that we have been online, one of our air handlers is no longer serviceable and must be replaced. We have also found that the remaining 9 of the 10 remaining systems will at some point in the near future need to be replaced. If you would like to support our efforts to fix and replace some of these items, as we strive to maintain our facility in hopes of a timely return to in person worship, you can do so by giving toward the "Operations" line, in addition to your regular giving. We know that God is faithful to meet our needs and will provide the resources to maintain and enhance our facility for His purposes.

May God bless you all 

Lay Counseling Ministry

Bethany's Lay Counseling Ministry exists to help those who are in the midst of difficult life circumstances.  If you are experiencing overwhelming struggle, having difficulty adjusting to change, or just need a place to talk through the hurts of this world, please reach out to us.  We desire to come alongside you -- seeing, hearing, feeling and responding as Christ would.

Tuesday Night Prayer

Pastor Nate would like to call us into a time of prayer.  He is hosting a weekly zoom prayer meeting, each Tuesday at 5pm. Click here to join.

Elder Billy Ennis will be hosting a deaf prayer room on Tuesday afternoons at 12:00 pm. Click here to join.

Youth Group

The Bethany Youth Group meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm via Zoom. This middle and high school meeting is a vibrant ministry that can introduce students to Jesus Christ, help them grow a personal relationship with Him, and help them find their sweet spot of service doing the important work he has prepared in advance for them to do.

Join the Youth on Wednesday for games and time together via zoom by clicking here

Children's Ministry

Your Children's Ministry is excited to announce that we will now be hosting weekly Zoom meetings for all interested children and families!

We are craving connection with your children; not only for ourselves, but also for their connection with one another. Email [email protected] for more information.
Discipleship and Scripture. They just go together. At IF, we are passionate about discipleship and studying God's Word together. We believe that the Scriptures are the foundation for discipleship. With this study, we hope to provide a tool that encourages studying the Scriptures and guides you into a discipleship relationship. Grab a friend and do this study together.

As we study Ephesians, we will focus on an inductive way of studying the Bible-we will use the Bible as a means to interpret itself. In other words, we will consider Ephesians in the context of the entire Bible, which will help us understand the message of Ephesians.

Check out this study and more on RightNow Media. If you haven't signed up for your account yet, click here

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