(COVID - 19)

Our Facility is Open for Live Worship

Updated: Sunday, May 2

Operating Status: Open For Live Worship Via Registration

As we begin phasing into regathering we are working to ensure that we provide as safe of an environment as possible. To that end we have decided to initially open the sanctuary for up to 80 seats. Please use the link below to register for your seats and address any children’s church needs. Each week you will need to register. This will allow everyone an opportunity to join in person as space allows.  For those in person, masks will be required and temperature checks will occur as you enter the facility. We ask that you continue to join us virtually if you have been exposed to someone with COVID or have it yourselves, are uncomfortable with temperature checks, or with wearing masks for the duration of the service. If you are more comfortable continuing virtually, we have worked to ensure that you have access to all of the service.  We are so grateful for each of you, and the ability to begin the process of regathering. As circumstances change we will evaluate the number of seats that we have open and adjust accordingly, so that more of us may come together in a safe manner.

What to expect for in person:

  1. Those joining in-person will be met at the door for temperature checks, and be provided instructions for where to go. 
  2. Seating will be configured based on the registrations, so families will be grouped together. 
  3. Masks will remain on for all members of the congregation that are not actively communicating from the pulpit, as a part of the service. 
  4. We will not be passing tithes and offering baskets. We encourage you to use our online giving platforms, or place your offering in the giving box as you enter and exit the sanctuary.
  5. We will not pass around communion. Instead, communion will be pre-positioned on the back of the chairs (in the holsters). 
  6. At the end of the service, the praise team will play an instrumental song as you depart. We need everyone to move to an open air area outside of the facility to continue discussions that you may wish to have.

What you may notice:

Our facility has had modernization projects in the time that we have been virtually.

  1. There are hand sanitizing stations in the foyer.
  2. The Sanctuary has new carpet, and there has been paint in several areas of the facility; including the sanctuary.
  3. We now have three 4k cameras that aid in our ability to provide a quality stream to those joining us virtually.
  4. We have enhanced our production capability by converting our library into a video control center, and renovated our sound booth in the rear of the sanctuary.
  5. Our Youth space, in the basement, has been modernized to provide an intentional space for your teenagers.
  6. There are also a number of other areas that have also been modernized throughout the facility as well. 

It is our hope that as we regather, that we will all take great joy and pride in the care of our facility; as well as all that God has done and continues to do in and through Bethany Community Church.