The Men’s Saturday Study Group hosts a breakfast for all the men of Bethany Community Church on the last Saturday of each month at Denny’s of Laurel. This gathering is an opportunity for the men of Bethany to build relationships with other Christian men and grow in their walk with God. It is also an opportunity to share the love of Christ with non-believers by inviting them to share a meal and see the love of God in an environment outside the Church building.

No man can thrive alone. Regardless of age, we all need interaction with others, especially other men. You will find other Christian men devoted to following a life of faith that they can share with others. It is also a safe space where men can share their wisdom and grow in brotherhood. We invite you to bring a friend or neighbor who does not know Christ to join a group of men living out what following Christ can be like.

This breakfast is not a sponsored event. Each participant is responsible for their meal.